From grassroots beginnings to proficient level, CCSC has laid a clear pathway for all students who enroll in the following age groups – U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, U-19 & U-23. The kids learn the basics of the game in a disciplined but fun environment. The goal is to not only teach the kids the game of Cricket, but also impart them life learning skills that they can use in all walks of life! The professional coaches and mentors have laid out a carefully planned road map for the youth where the parents and youth players have a clear understanding of their child’s journey.

CCSC is the home to the semi-professional teams:

- Baltimore Royals (formerly DC Hawks)
- Potomac Cricket Club
- Potomac Stars
- Columbia Cricket Academy

CCSC youth have a great opportunity to seamlessly graduate from youth cricket to adult cricket by playing in the local leagues in the DC area. Youth will also get a chance to be part of the Baltimore Royals juniors and senior teams. This golden opportunity is available under one roof.

Baltimore Royals


The Baltimore Royals (formerly the DC Hawks) are an American professional T20 franchise cricket team that compete in Minor League Cricket (MiLC).


The team is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It was formed in 2020 as part of 24 original teams to compete in Minor League Cricket. The franchise is currently owned and run by Rajit Passey.

Potomac Cricket Club


The Potomac Cricket Club (PCC) is the oldest club in the Washington Cricket League (WCL).  The club was formed in 1974 with the primary objective to promote and develop interest and participation in the game of cricket throughout the DMV area. 

PCC has been the most dominant club in WCL in the last decade, winning 10 championships in various tournaments conducted by WCL. The most professional club in the league, PCC team constitutes a blend of youth, experienced and professional cricketers. Many international and IPL players have played for PCC in the last decade.

Potomac Stars


Potomac Stars powered by CCSC serves as a stepping stone for the youth at CCSC to make a mark in the competitive cricketing world. Team gears up for the inaugural edition of the Premier T20 Youth Tournament – The Elite Jr. Championship, set to unfold at PVCC from Feb 16 - 19, 2024. Championship will witness the clash of eight dynamic teams, promises to be a showcase of youthful talent.

Aaryan Batra from CCSC, a promising young talent, has been entrusted to lead the Potomac Stars in this prestigious tournament.

Columbia Cricket Academy

Columbia Cricket Academy is a team shaped out of talented youngsters from CCSC, emphasizing the holistic development of young cricketers and providing them with invaluable exposure at a higher level of competition.

Columbia Cricket Academy gears up for an exhilarating cricket season in 2024, set to compete in the highly competitive WMCB league in the Washington DC area. Team aims to give kids an exposure in the adult leagues as well in future, so their development is faster, and transition is seamless.

Punjab Cricket Association


The Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) is the governing body of the Cricket activities in the state of Punjab and the Union Territory of Chandigarh in India.


CCSC and PCA have signed up for an exchange program, providing under 16 boys from the DMV with a unique opportunity of an exciting cricket tour to India to take their game to the next level.

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